Saturday, 4 July 2015

Flowers from all the seas of the world.

...Farther down, in the waters of the more recent dead, Mr Herbert stopped. Tobias caught up with him at the instant that a very young woman passed in front of them. She was floating on her side, her eyes open, followed by a current of flowers.
Mr Herbert put his finger to his lip and held it there until the last of the flowers went by.
'She's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in all my life,' he said.
'She's old Jacob's wife,' Tobias said.  'She must be fifty years younger, but that's her. I'm sure of it.'
'She's done a lot of travelling,' Mr Herbert said, 'She's carrying behind her flowers from all the seas of the world.'

~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez, 
The Sea of Lost Time

(Larger view can be seen here.)
This is just a quick one, really - drawn while I took a brief break from doing some research for my next folk tales picture.

I've had Mr Herbert and Tobias and Jacob's wife (with her train of flowers) in my head since reading his beautifully surreal, strange and haunting little short story The Sea of Lost Time, and wanted to try and capture it.... 

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