Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A tiny snapshot of the always interesting - and sometimes surprising - world of bookselling...

....Four separate requests for religious direction given to Pauline's Catholic bookshop....two Big Issue vendors wanting assistance, money changing and supportive chat ... one enquiry about anti-TTIP demos and local successful search for an obscure anarchist pamphlet (which saved a customer from resorting to Amazon shopping)... one request for advice about buying second-hand board games in re-cap on the day's Palestine actions in enquiry about what goes on in the way of activism in Liverpool... one woman wanting to track down books and exhibitions about Diego Rivera...and a string of happy expectant customers clutching stacks of books, and queueing tightly round the till.
All this in the space of 20 minutes.

(Photo: the very wonderful News from Nowhere Bookshop)
It's now nearly the end of the working day, the shop shelves now look like a small-yet-effective hurricane has hit them, and I suspect my eyes have a slightly glassy appearance.
'I'm going to go and read this right now...' beams a wonderfully resplendently-bearded man, waving his newly-acquired journal.
'I love this shop...' one woman murmurs happily, as she packs her bag and leaves the till.
Me too. I love being a bookseller 
It's been another crazy busy Saturday, but a brilliant one too, and nothing beats the satisfaction of watching contented people leave the shop, and clutching books as if they're newly-found treasures.
Which they are, of course.
What's more, I have Doctor Who to watch tonight, and vegan chocolate saved for the occasion 

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